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Unleash Your Imagination Playing Minecraft On Your Smartphone
Meta: Do you like to play Minecraft in you spare time? You are in luck, as Minecraft has already been released for smartphones and you can enjoy it on yours too. You can spend hours playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition with your friends. 
With over 50 million downloads on different platform, at the moment it is definitely one of the best games out there. Now, it continues to confirm its position with the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android. 
The game doesn’t bring in 3D graphics like the current action or tactics genres but Minecraft is still appealing to gamers because of the entirely different gameplay, including no limits in creativity. You need to pay only once for Mobile Minecraft, and then you can play it on any Android device.

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Multiplayer mode in Minecraft Pocket Edition
The most significant advantage of this version is the ability to play multiplayer. You can easily join your friend’s world and play with them via Realms. 
The Realm is a server run by the publisher, which brings Minecraft to the online world, allowing you to play anywhere, anytime. Only invited people can participate in your world. In this world, what you do is entirely up to you: building the world, competing with friends...

Currently, Minecraft Realms is only available on Minecraft version for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition on mobile devices. how to make saddle minecraft

Initially, players build bridges and protect them by fighting monsters at night. This also can be an adventure with friends that allows you to watch the sunset over an ocean of cubes. 
Players will have to battle the most horrible things that come from the Nether. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if you like.
Pocket Edition includes two modes: Survival and Creative; Multiplayer mode when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Do not hesitate to join this adventure in the beautiful world of magic squares, where you can explore the endless world of caves, creatures, villages, monsters and more. 
Build, explore in the world of Minecraft whenever you're free! Have fun!

With the innovative gameplay mode, players can look around the game world and build using infinite resource supplies. But the core gameplay here is survival mode where you can build on the ground (towering castle, bridges, etc.) and nightfall bringing monsters up to clash the players and destroy their creations. 
Minecraft has no plot, but it is the advantage that you have to survive in an environment that "can be undermined" at any time with your creation.

Control in game
Minecraft Pocket Edition has a flexible controller with directional arrows and a jump button at the center. The new version allows you to move more dynamically: press and hold the key, drag the left and right buttons on either side; you can also tilt or slide the thumb.
It is also easier to attack enemy circles throughout the battle. To interact with the world, you choose blocks with "finger power" (thumb) and tap, and you can hold it. A glow appears around your thumb as you dig out and collect minerals. 
Creative mode has a slightly different interface, allowing players to access a table that contains all the games in the game.

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In the end,
One of the strong points of Pocket Edition is the ability to connect multiple players over Wi-Fi networks. People can jump in and out of one's world, easily pick and start playing with friends.
You can enjoy the game with your friend anytime, anywhere. Let have hours of creative time with your friend and share with us your experience!